TL-001 28mm Tungsten Rotary Wheel Knife Blade For Gerber DCS Cutting Machine

TL-001 28mm Tungsten Rotary Blade For Gerber DCS Cutting Machine

Quick details:

 Type:  Transmission sharpener drive pulley, sharpener drive, lectra machine part
 Part number:  704400
 Brand:  Favorable
 Quality:  Better than original
 Apply to:  Gerber Cutter
 Delivery time:  Within 10 hours
 Packing details:  1 pc
 Shipment method:  DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS, ect.



Company information:

FAVORABLE company founded in 2002 located in DongGuan city, GuangDong province, China. Main products is spare parts for different brand cutting machine. Especially suitable for Gerber, Lectra, Yin, Bullmer, Investronica, Kuris and so on. (Notice: We don’t have any relationship with above list companies).

FAVORABLE is the leading manufacturer in this industry, we start international trade business in 2012, till now, we have cooperation with more than 500 customers cover all around the world. There include wholesaler and machine user. We ship many spare parts to many customers every day, almost all of parts we have in stock, so that we can arrange shipment within 24 hours.

DCS hot selling MOTOR as below:2

Favorable mainly offer AUTO CUTTER Maintenance kits 500H / 1000H / 2000H / 4000H and consumables for below machine models:

1. VT FX72/FP72

2. ALYS 20/30/60/120/P2000/A0/A00

3. VT 2500/5000/7000/MP60/MP90

4. VT IX/Q25/IH5/Q50/Q80/IX8/IX6/IX9

5. VT M55/M55K/MH/MH8/M88K/MX/MX9

6. Paragon HX/VX/LX 6. XLC7000/Z7/GT7250/S7200

7. GT5250/S5200

8. GTXL/DCS/GT1000/Taurus

9. AP100/320/INFINITY Plotter parts

10. SY51/SY100B/101/XLS50/125 Spreader parts


12. BULLMER, KURIS, Graphtec, Oshima, Yin, ect.

Post time: Jun-09-2022