Newly arrival SPX6 Automatic Spreader Machine

Favorable auto- spreader machineFavorable SPX6 Automatic Spreader Machine – High precision Fully automatic Applied for all fabric

Recommendation points:

1. Fully automatic-one worker can operate! Servo motor control, positioning accuracy up to micron level;
2. Microcomputer automatically calculate, photoelectric sensor feeding cloth, saving time, improve production efficiency;
3. Spread all fabric- knitting/woven, thick/thin, smooth/soft, stretch/curled! Humanized design with device spread fabric easy to have curled edge;
4. PLC control system strengthen photoelectric sensor, sensitivity adjustable, which makes one worker can operate the whole machine;

Main Paramenters:

Model SPX6-160 SPX6-190 SPX6-210 SPX6-260 SPX6-310
Spread Width 1600mm 1900mm 2100mm 2600mm 3100mm
Maximum fabric weight 80kg 110kg
Maximum roll diameter 450mm 450mm
Maximum driving speed 98m/min 85m/min
Single pull maximum height 220mm 220mm
Double pull maximum height 160mm 160mm
Power 1.2KW 1.55KW
Power requirement Single phase AC 220V 50Hz 15A
Size: length, width, height 230x165x95cm 260x165x95cm 280x165x95cm 330x165x95cm 380x165x95cm
Machine weight 400kg 415kg 425kg 475kg 510kg
Panel width 1835mm 2135mm 2335mm 2835mm 3335mm

More clear pictures for this machine share here:

Can spread both thick fabric for winter garments and thin/light fabric like lace



About Favorable Group Limited:

Welcome To Favorable Group Limited.
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