Finished Holiday For Tomb-Sweeping Day / Qingming Festival

Tomb-Sweeping Day/Qingming Festival also known as Outing Festival, Xingqing Festival, March Festival, Ancestor Worship Festival, etc., falls between mid-spring and late-spring. The Qingming Festival originated from the ancestral beliefs and spring ritual customs in ancient times. It has both natural and humanistic connotations. It is not only a natural solar term, but also a traditional festival. Tomb-sweeping, ancestor worship and green outing are the two major ritual themes of Qingming Festival. These two traditional ritual themes have been passed down in China since ancient times and have not ceased to this day.

Qingming Festival is an ancient festival of the Chinese nation. It is not only a solemn festival to sweep graves and worship ancestors, but also a joyous festival for people to get close to nature, go out and enjoy the fun of spring. Douzhi B (or the Yellow Longitude of the Sun up to 15°) is the Qingming solar term, and the festival time is around April 5 in the Gregorian calendar. In this season, vigor is exuberant, yin qi declines, all things “spit out the old and accept the new”, and the earth presents the image of spring and Jingming. The Qingming ancestor worship festival is very long. There are two versions: 8 days before the 10th day and 10 days after the 10th day. The past 20 days are all within the Qingming ancestor worship festival.

Qingming Festival is a traditional major spring festival. It is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation since ancient times. It is a fine tradition of the Chinese nation since ancient times. It is not only conducive to promoting filial piety and kinship, awakening the common memory of the family, but also promoting the cohesion and identity of family members and even the nation. The Qingming Festival integrates natural solar terms and human customs. It is the unity of the right time, place and people. It fully reflects that the ancestors of the Chinese nation pursued the harmonious unity of “heaven, earth and people”, and paid attention to conforming to the right time and place and following the laws of nature. thought of.

Tomb Sweeping Day

Post time: Apr-06-2022