Controller X140 For Gerber Spreader Machine SY100B Controller

Controller X140 For Gerber Spreader Machine SY100B Controller

Quick details:

 Part Type:  Controller, control box, Spreader machine part
 Part number:  Controller X140
 Product Brand:  Favorable
 Quality:  Genuine quality
 Application :  For Gerber Spreader Machine
 Delivery time:  Within 10 Hours
 Packing details:  1 pc
 Shipment method:  International express service

We have full-range spare parts for Gerber spreader machine, and this controller is original quality from original resource, quality is promise and price is acceptable.

If you need more parts demands for Spreader machine, feel free to contact us.

More Clear picture for this controller as below for your reference:

Sy100B控制合-X140 3

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