9cm Grinding Wheel 9cm Grinding Stone 9cm Sharpening Stone For Timing Auto Cutter

9cm Grinding Wheel 9cm Grinding Stone 9cm Sharpening Stone For Timing Auto Cutter

Quick details for this stone here:

 Part Type:  Grinding stone, grinding wheel
 Part number:  Timing machine sharpening grinding wheel
 Product Brand:  Favorable
 Quality:  Genuine quality
 Application :  For Timing Cutter Machine
 Delivery time:  Within 1 day
 Packing details:  1 pc
 Shipment method:  International express service

More clear picture of this  wheel share here:

磨刀石9cm (2)

磨刀石9cm (3)

磨刀石9cm (4)


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Post time: Oct-21-2023