2021 Great Bay Area Sewing Machine & Accessories Show

2021 Great Bay Area Intenational Sewing Machine & Accessories Show(2021 DTC & DFM Show)

In the 17th March 2021,  The first Great Bay Area International Textile & Clothing Industry Fair, Sewing Machinery & Accessories Show, Footwar Machinery & Material Industry Fair was open in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China.

There have more than 300 companies enter the fair. There include sewing machine, weaving machine, Embroidery, laser, printing, ultrasonic, automation, ironing equipment, computer-aided production design and other equipment and materials that can meet the high-end personalized production needs of clothing, shoes, bags and suitcases.

We, Favorable Group Limited, we are the leading partner of spare parts suitable for Gerber, Lectra, Bullmer, FK, IMA, Graphtec, Oshima, ect.

We enter to this Fair, we met many old friends from the Fair, also many new customers insterest in our produts and willing to cooperate with us.

Our products cover consumbles to electric parts.

# Bristles

# Knife blade

# Grinding stone & Abrasive belt

# Plotter pen, Ink cartridge, Grease

# Various servo motors (Sanyo, Ametek, ect.)

# Various mainboards

# Metal parts



Post time: Apr-12-2021